Door Finishes

We offer a range of styles and finishes that it is sure to compliment your homes existing colour palette.

Mirror Doors - The perfect option to open up that small room and give the impression that it’s larger than what it is really is. Mirror is also a great way to brighten up a room by throwing more light.
Glass Doors - We offer a variety of glass doors in different colours to either blend with your rooms existing colour palette or possibly make that bald statement you are after. ( White, Red, Black and Grey)
Panel Doors - With a vast range of different colours, textures and finishes we have the doors that will not only suit your budget but also compliment your homes current style and look.

All our mirror and glass doors are vinyl backed which is required by law to meet Australian standards. If the door was to ever be broken the vinyl backing keeps the mirror intact and prevents any dangerous shards of glass causing harm or injury.

Wardrobe Door Panel Colours

Wardrobe Frame Styles